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Here you have our light Champaign chiffon gown, fully lined, zipper back, and the perfect full length gown for that special occasion. This gown is measured, like all others, from the back of the nape of the neck to the hem at 58 and is a standard length gown. Other dresses we have like this one are Tea Length, like Natalia and Dolly, those dresses measure 53. So for this dress you should be at least 5'3 tall or more. The Champaign color is NEW and exciting and this dress will stop everyone in their tracks when you enter the room. Made in all sizes this is a very easy fitting gown. Mother of the Bride and Evening Dresses and Gowns.

Debbie Bridal Party Dress Reviewed by Kathy on 08/31/11 -- I absolutely love it!
"The dresses came today and the one that I wanted the most is going to be perfect.  The champagne dress.  I absolutely love it.  I need to have it altered as it is a little big but it is going to match so well with the colors in my daughter's wedding. I cannot express the gratitude I have for you and your company.  You have put my trust back in knowing there are still decent people in this world that care and will go above and beyond to help.  I had just about given up hope in finding a dress as it is very hard for larger women to find something so elegant to fit.  I really don't know of any other business that would be willing to send two dresses for the price of one so that a person would have a choice in attempting to pick the right dress. The material of these dresses is beautiful.  I am going to be beaming from ear to ear as my handsome son walks me down the aisle thanks to you.  You can bet I will be sharing your website with all of my friends and will certainly be a returning customerI promise to have the second dress packaged and mailed back out by Friday. Thank you so VERY much Barry."

Debbie Bridal Party Dress Reviewed by Helen on 05/31/11 -- My Dress was a hit!
"Dear Barry. My dress was a hit.  I received rave reviews about how pretty the dress was and how beautiful I looked in it.  The most often used words were 'elegant' and 'gorgeous' Thank you so much for your products."

Debbie Bridal Party Dress Reviewed by Pat, Lowell, IN on 05/31/11 -- I had many compliments!
"Thank you, I wore the beige dress for my son's wedding last Saturday and I had many compliments.  I gave out your website to several people and told them what a pleasure it was doing business with your company.  You have such a wonderful policy on assisting your customers that I will definitely be back for other events that I attend.  I am President the State of Indiana for a nonprofit veterans organization and I am also on the National Board of Directors for the same organization and Chair of the Veterans health Committee so I reach a large volume of individuals.  Your return policy and the fact that you will even send out a size replacement before you get the original dress back was amazing to me and very generous to your customers.  Your suggestions that you included in the box with the dress were very helpful also.  I attend different functions throughout the year and I will definitely be a returning customer.  Being a full figure person it is very hard for me to find evening wear at any of the stores in our area that compliment me both in color, size and fashion. For some reason some companies think everyone who is a full figure person needs bright colors or large designs in floral or patterns. Your evening wear for my age bracket (59) was also something that impressed me which I have difficulty finding in other stores whether online or in person at any store. Thanks again."